AHF | Actilit Bed
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Actilit Bed

Technical specifications

Minimum height 450 mm
Maximum height 765 mm
Maximum declive-proclive adjustment 15°
Maximum backrest adjustment 68°
Weight 120 kg
Maximum capacity 220 kg
Supply voltage 200 V – 50 Hz
Voltage in use 24 VCC
IP protection rating IP X4
Useful surface of sleeping 2000 x 900 mm
Electric class 1B

Manual command

A remote control integrated in the barrier facilitates the autonomy of the patient for the adjustment of his bed. Ability to integrate the same remote for the carer outside the barriers to perform care with ease.

Front Panel

Remote control caring on flexible in foot of bed. Selective function lock and preprogrammed automatic position.


A panel fixed to the bed base or fixed to the frame to facilitate the variable height and the proclive / declivity position.

Variable height

An electric lift system with a hinge that allows for easy elevation and long-term use of the ACTILIT bed.


Maneuverability of movements ensured by reinforced rolled mono rollers. Centralized braking on 4 wheels including a directional with a central brake pedal.

Lateral barrier

Always more safety and autonomy for the residents, comfort of use for the nursing staff, with our 2 concepts of barriers: barrier three-quarter or half-barrier.


A free frame underneath to allow the passage of a table to eat in bed or a patient lift.


  • Low position

    45 cm to secure the patient

  • High Position

    76 cm to carry out the care

  • Declive position

    to reposition the patient in bed in case of emergency

  • Fowler Position

    to relieve pressure points in case of prolonged bed rest

  • Armchair Position

    for the well-being of the patient through a change of compression points

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